Detroit Catering Service

Your Special Event

Why choose us?

One of the biggest compliments that we can receive as a catering company is when a customer chooses Detroit Catering Service as their caterer for their big event. It is our duty to handle all of the details of the special evening^—even the ones that people may never even notice!

One Stop Shopping

When you choose Detroit Catering Service you choose a company that can handle every detail from the beginning of the night until the end. We have great relationships with valet services, florists, rental companies, and more. What's this mean? It means that you can have a stress-free function without all of the running around that sometimes comes with an important event like the one you're planning.

More Fun

Detroit Catering Service is known for providing excellent service from beginning to end. We work hard to go above and beyond, even in those areas where it goes unnoticeable. We can customize your event as little or as much as you'd like and we'll be able to ensure that you're happy with it from start to finish

Solid Experience

Detroit Catering Service has been planning events for a number of years now. Our expert culinary staff has taken us all over Michigan and helped us provide amazing food and experiences to countless individuals all over the state. Detroit Catering Service takes great pride in what we do and our accolades show. Of course we're not trying to brag. No. We're simply telling you what we feel is important and this information can help you decide if we're the company for you.

Great People

You'll deal with amazing people from the second you pick up the telephone and call us for the first time to the moment you leave your event for the final time. We hire great individuals who want nothing more than for your special evening to go off without a hitch! We'll be happy to take direction in terms of food, decor, or any other area. This party is yours, we're just here to serve you!