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Can we try your food before committing to anything?

Absolutely. Prior to any event we offer a sampling for you and a small group of your guests/loved ones. We insist on allowing them to try before they buy because we want everybody to enjoy the fantastic food that Detroit Catering Service has to offer!

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What if we have a special dish we'd like served?

Prior to scheduling your food sampling, we highly suggest letting us know if you have any requests in regards to entrée, appetizers, or deserts. If you have a special recipe you'd like served, please get us that information with as much notice as possible.

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Are all of your foods fresh and in season?

That's a firm yes. All our food is fresh and in season. When available, we always purchase from Michigan-based farms, and growers. We believe in feeding organic and pesticide free whenever possible.

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Do you serve vegan/vegetarian options?

Yes. We can accommodate vegans, vegetarians, and food allergies if needed. It's much harder to deal with vegan and food allergies but we will do our best to accommodate each and every guest at your special event.

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I don't want to have a family style dinner. Do you have a wait staff?

Yes, we can provide you with a full wait staff if needed, as well as bartenders, and hosts/greeters. We have a lot of connections in the Michigan area so no matter what your party calls for, you can count on Detroit Catering Service to deliver.

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I need to know how you bill. What should I expect?

We bill in groups of 10. That means if you have 67 people at an event, we would bill for 70. this is the most effective way to bill because it's always better to have more food than less. Hungry people are grumpy people!

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Do I have to put a deposit down?

For large functions and parties that have bartenders, wait staff, and more, we require at $1,000 deposit. For orders that have no service staff, the deposit changes based on the number of people attending the event. Call us for more details.

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When should I place my order?

The simple answer is with as much notice as possible! We want this event to go as smoothly as possible. However, sometimes you can't plan for some events so we prefer at least 48 hours for smaller events and at least one week for events over 60 people with no wait staff.

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You deliver, right?

Absolutely. Delivery feeds are generally built right into the price quote that we give you. We believe in offering all inclusive pricing so there are no surprises when you see the bill on your credit card statement.

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I need help with a florist/valet parking/special equipment rentals. Can you assist me?

Yes, absolutely. We'll be able to use our connections with many Metro-Detroit companies in order to assist you with any special extras that you need to make your event great!

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